For over 53 years, the CTG comprised of the CPP-NPA-NDF
and their front organizations has deceived, manipulated, and murdered for the sole purpose of a violent overthrow of government and establishment of communist rule in the Philippines.

For over 53 years, countless lives have been lost, tribal communities razed, and billions of pesos thieved at their hands. For decades, the CTG has forcefully subdued or murdered IP traditional leaders and systematically replaced them with violent revolutionaries.

Filipino families who have lost their children to this terrorist organization and how an unaccounted number of these children died as NPA combatants after joining the terrorist CPP/NPA/NDF fronts like Gabriela ACT, Bayan Muna, CEGP, Karapatan, NUPL, NUJP, IBON, LFS, Anakbayan, Student Christian Movement of the Philippines, Rural Missionaries of the Philippines, Alliance of Health Workers and Katribu.

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