“It’s high time to correct the imperfections and distortions in our country’s history,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover as he called on the Filipinos not to forget the August 21, 1971 bombing of Plaza Miranda..

Rep. Alcover slammed the Maoist terrorists CPP-NPA-NDF, particularly Jose Ma. Sison, Satur Ocampo, Liza Maza, Bayan Secretary-General Renato Reyes, and other leaders of the Maoist terrorist sectoral front and partylist organizations for pointing to then President Ferdinand Marcos as the mastermind in the bombing of the LP rally in Plaza Miranda to perpetuate him, his family, and cronies in power.

“That is a complete lie! Documents and literary works of renowned anti-Marcos personalities have made startling revelations that point to Jose Ma. Sison as the mastermind of the Plaza Miranda bombing that claimed the lives of 30 innocent people and hundreds others injured, including the Senate President Jovito Salonga and other top leaders of the then Liberal Party,” said Rep. Alcover.

Rep. Alcover chided Joma Sison for spewing concocted stories to exculpate him from any responsibility in this highly despicable crime against humanity. “Ruben Guevarra, aka Ka Peter and erstwhile member of the Maoist terrorist Central Committee admitted, in his testimony before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee that he was present during a meeting in the afternoon of August 21, 1971, in a house in Paranaque City, where Jose Ma. Sison ordered Danny Cordero and his companion to bomb the LP rally in Plaza Miranda in order to create a revolutionary situation in the country,” Rep. Alcover pointed out.

“Even Sen. Salonga, in his book: A Journey of Struggle and Hope, said that while he was in Encino, California, USA, he met a certain Ariel Almendral, a member of the CPP, who told him that he witnessed the trial of Danny Cordero, who then spoke about his role and that of Joma Sison in the bombing of Plaza Miranda,” he added.

“Now the worms are out in the open. Contrary to what the Maoist political trumpeters have been saying all along, Marcos’ hands were not awash with bad blood but it was Jose Ma. Sison’s overzealous mind that came into play to stir public unrest and create a situation ripe for a bloody uprising against government,” Rep. Alcover stressed.

“It would be a great disservice by the Filipino nation if we fail to cleanse our history with the dirt and imperfections brought about by Maoist terrorist agitational propagandists,” Rep. Alcover explained.

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