In a notice released on Wednesday, the AMLC said the freeze order will take effect immediately against Jalandoni, also known as Louie/Ka Rosendo/Bernie/Lopez/Bern/ Munding /Cinco/Fernando /Andres, a member of the Communist Party of the Philippines’ (CPP) Central Committee, National Democratic Front of the Philippines, and founder of the designated terrorist organization Christian for National Liberation (CNL).

Also included in the freeze order were Simon Naugsan Sr. a.k.a. Filiw/Wayat/Bernie /Nasse /Yasser/Arop, spokesman for the Cordillera People’s Democratic Front and member of CPP-New People’s Army (NPA); Afrecia / Apricia Alvares / Alvarez Rosete a.k.a. Bambam /Bambi/ Jamjam/Isay/Tengteng/Lalay/Laly/Ilay/Maymay/Lily/Lali/Danielle/ Aurora Cahayon, secretary of the Western Mindanao Regional Party Committee of CPP-NPA; Maria Luisa Purcray a.k.a Byul/Nanul/Meriam/Awri/Miriam /Monica/ Viol /Rodora Guevarra/Lerma/Maou/Melba, secretary of the Ilocos Cordillera Regional Committee of CPP-NPA; Maria Gigi Ascaño-Tenebroso a.k.a. Gigi/Jiji, member of Kaguma and finance officer of Southern Mindanao Regional Committee of the CPP-NPA and herself a member of the CPP-NPA; and Walter Alipio de Asis Cerbito a.k.a. Wati, member of the CNL.

Sub-leaders of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) who were linked with the Daulah/Dawlah Islamiya (DI) were also included in the freeze order.

They were identified as Basaron Arok/Basarun Aruk a.k.a. Abdulbasser/Abdulkadil/Arkam/ Bas/Bossing; Ellam Sajirin/Ellam Nasirin/Ellam Nasarin/Illam Nasirin a.k.a. Ellam/Illam; Madjid Said/Majid Said a.k.a. Amah Pattit/Padin Padul/Pading/Amah Sah; Mura Asgali Kayawan a.k.a. Salip Mura Asgali/Salip Mura/Salip Murah/Maas; and Tawakkal Bayali/Tawakal Bayali/Tawakkal Abugaw Bayali/Tawwakal Bayali a.k.a. Abu Tawakkal/Jaber.

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