Permit to Campaign (PTC) and Permit to Win (PTW) is the main source of income of this terrorist organization, despite its major setbacks in the killing of several of its top leaders and attacks on its camps as a result of President Duterte’s intense campaign against the

Terrorist Communist Party of the Philippines and its Terrorist New People’s Army (TCPP-TNPA), the 2022 elections will likely boost the rebels’ financial resources, sources in the intelligence committee as well as in the insurgency claimed.

Since 2001, the TCPP-TNPA has been extorting money from candidates for what they call their permits to campaign (PTCs) and permits to win (PTWs) in areas of which the NPA claims to have control. Without a PTC, a candidate’s people campaigning in an area the NPA controls are either harassed or outrightly killed by the rebel group. With the more expensive PTW, on the other hand, which are undertaken in remote areas the NPA controls, it assures the candidate’s victory.

It’s certainly ironic but emblematic of the communists’ depravity that they are exploiting the most important exercise of a democracy elections to raise money to fund their project to destroy that democracy. It certainly worsens corruption in government, especially on the local levels, as a winning candidate would recover the money extorted from him through graft and corruption.

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