One of the terrorists who tried to blow up the cathedral belonged to the Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (Jad) group, famous for carrying out the attack on Jolo Cathedral in 2019. Some members of the group were arrested in Sumbawa, in the province of West Nusa Tenggara.

The condemnation of President Widodo, of the Minister for Religious Affairs, of the Protestant Churches. Vicar General of Makassar: Thanks to the police commitment. It is important to support the Catholic community and “promote the spirit of fraternity among all Indonesian citizens”.

The Jad group – said Prabowo – carried out the bomb attacks in Jolo, in the Philippines”. The reference is to the attack of January 27, 2019, when two bombs exploded in the cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Jolo (Sulu).

The Philippine administration had declared that an Indonesian member of the group, which is linked to ISIS, had participated in the attack. Jad, based in Indonesia, is responsible for several attacks on churches in Indonesia and the Philippines.

A man and a woman, wounded 20 church goer’s, as well as the security guard who stopped the two attackers who wanted to enter the church, at the very end of the Palm Sunday service. It is unclear whether the two were husband and wife.

If the guard, Cosmas, hadn’t been able to stop the attackers, it would have been a massacre. Instead, Cosmas became suspicious and headed towards the two at the entrance to the side gate of the church and the two immediately detonated the bomb contained in a pressure cooker.

Condemnation of the attack has arrived. In a video message, PRESIDENT JOKO WIDODO said he had ordered the police to unmask the terrorist network “to its roots”. He added that terrorism is a crime against humanity and is not linked to any religion. “All religions are against terror … The state will not allow such acts of terror to happen again”

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