Wanted Terrorist

Pro-Daesh groups in the Philippines have come to rely on social media for propaganda, fundraising and disseminating instructional material, with local residents exploiting various online platforms over the past decade, extremist social media in the Philippines as a consequence of the May 2017, Marawi siege by pro-Daesh militants.

The evolving use of online platforms by pro-Daesh groups in the Philippines and how this has enabled extremists to develop and strengthen their networks. Social media and encrypted chat apps have shaped the development of extremism in the Philippines in this concern branding, recruitment, fundraising, and the increasing role of women as jihadist.

The groups in the Philippines, direct communication with Daesh headquarters via Telegram facilitated their rebranding as the face of Daesh in Southeast Asia, more than just a local insurgency group. Extremist use of the internet for terrorist fundraising is a sophisticated financial cybercrime.

The women’s roles have become much more visible this day for a long time, women had been barred from accessing extremist public spaces, let alone taking an active role as combatants through social media, women are now able to play more active roles as propagandists, recruiters, financiers, and even suicide bombers.

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